J. Philip White

27 08 2013

Mr. White’s work is filled with arresting images. His work is another example of pieces where I have found the same pics that I used. These I believe have been heavily photoshoped. And they look great. He’s also blown them up to a larger size which I have done myself. And he sells his work. Which I have not done so much. Good for  him. I had a good time looking at Mr. White’s work. I think you might as well.

‘Much of my art deals with the subject of man’s inhumanity to man. My artistic aspirations are to heighten the viewers awareness of what has happened and what is happening to the human condition today as well as to raise pertinent questions and, ideally, to evoke an emotional and thought-provoking response. Admittedly, there are some scenes that may confront the psyche as shocking at first, but my hope is that upon closer examination and after further contemplation, these pieces will reveal themselves in the positive way in which they are intended.

white1 white2 white3 white4 white5J Philip White1 J Philip White2 J Philip White3

Joan Proudman

8 06 2013

One of the dangers, as I see it, of art is the seduction of technology. Because the technology is new, often what passes for art is really wallpaper. The use of beautiful colours, mulitiplication of similar images, whirlpool/weightlessness of images. And the thing is, no one can be sure. Joan Proudman’s work is beautiful to look at. At first glance. Does it sustain itself? I think that is up to each viewer to decide.

Joan Proudman1 Joan Proudman2 Joan Proudman3 Joan Proudman4 Joan Proudman5 Joan Proudman6

Colin Aiken

5 06 2013

The work is beautiful. Simple. wonderful colours. everything in a kind of moderation. Colin Aiken.

colin aiken1 Colin aiken2 colin aiken3 colin aiken4 colin aiken5 colin aiken6 colin aiken7


Erwan Le Vourch

15 05 2013

Le Vourch uses both digital and cut and paste for his collages. I think his digital collages are more affective. Although I like the courage to do simple collages, many of these cut and paste collages seem pedestrian. But just when you’re opinion sours you run across a collage that is enlightening and fun. Perhaps it is all subjective.

erwan le vourch1 erwan le vourch2 erwan le vourch3 erwan le vourch4 erwan le vourch5 erwan le vourch6

Luis Toledo

8 05 2013

The first time I went through the Papal Apartments I had 2 results. First, my neck hurt from looking up at all the work on the ceilings. Second, my eyes hurt because there was no relief from the paintings. They were everywhere. There was no place for the eyes to rest. It was an orgy of visual images. And though it was great art, it made me want to vomit. Out of my eyes. And thats how I see Luis Toledo’s work. I can’t make a judgment on it because there is no relief from it in his work. There is no focal point. I get some kind of aesthetic vertigo.


Toledo1 Toledo2 Toledo3 Toledo4 Toledo5

Johann Fournier

14 04 2013

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, Johann’s work looks pretty good.

Johann Fournier1

power of h Weblog

It is difficult to be critical of an artist’s work when you like it so much. Perhaps it is style, or voice, but there is a sameness about this work. After you’ve looked at several pieces the surprise in your eyes diminishes. And you become aware of craftsmanship. Which I think is the death of art. I don’t want to respect an artist’s work. I want to love it. Show it to my friends. Now, I’ve gone overboard. Its still beautiful work.

I’ve added some landscapes of my own. Just for comparison. I use a lot more cut and paste. (scissors and glue).

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Alessandro Bavari

12 04 2013

I once met a guy who said that he wished he had all the money back he’d spent on women. He’d buy a carton of cigarettes. Watch Bavari. He’ll sear your eyes.


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Alessandro Bavari’s work so resembles the work of the Flemish artist H. Bosch. Their concentration on the truly horrid is fascinating. Like slowing down to watch a car accident. One wonders if these images are a result of personal experiences, an imaginative intellect, or art history. In any event they are fun to view.  Also check out his videos.

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Natalie Shau

10 02 2013

Everytime I look at this artist’s work I am reminded what beautiful means.

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I’ve talked about Natalie Shau’s work before. I ran across her again and said WOW again. As if I had found her for the first time. She is a Litunanian artist. Much of her work has the iconic look that you see in Russian Orthodox churches. Some of her work moves from a Disney like quality to an Edgar Allan Poe look all in the same piece of work. I am a big fan. As you can guess.


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Ghazaal Naghshbandy

23 01 2013

Ghazaal Naghshbandy. Beautiful name and beautiful work. Don’t know a lot about this artist.

Ghazaal Naghshbandy1 Ghazaal Naghshbandy2 Ghazaal Naghshbandy3 Ghazaal Naghshbandy4

Ettore Aldo Del Vigo

29 08 2012

Ettore Aldo Del Vigo. Like Dali his images have that plastic melting chocolate look of dreams. (My dreams don’t melt.) It is a fecundity of life. Like multiple universes. Leaking out of every orifice, new life snakes its way across the canvas and in its journey becomes something else.

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