This is not like the last supper… that’s what you said

16 09 2017

This is not like the last supper.... that_s what you said

collage of a collection

4 02 2017


Pedro Nekoi

27 12 2014

One thing that you can be sure of with commercial art is that it will be accomplished. The next thing you’ll notice is that it offends no one. Its like a tossed salad. All green and reds and yellows. Nothing brown.

Pedro Nekoi7528572684_0ae3d79cec Pedro Nekoi7858004192_b1a7f42da2 Pedro Nekoiimages Pedro Nekoipedro-01 pedro-nekoi-2 pedro-nekoi-7 pedro-nekoi-267960

Barbara Bezina

19 07 2014

It reminds me of church art. Both the subject matter and the tonal quality. Gritty, I guess describes the work. Barbara Bezina

Barbara Bezina2 Barbara Bezina3 Barbara Bezina4 Barbara Bezina5 Barbara Bezina6 Barbara Bezina7 Barbara Bezina8 Barbara Bezina9 barbara-bezina1 barbara-bezina-art-dc3a9cembre-2012

He saw it coming

3 04 2014

He saw it coming..My father named me David Gearld Halliday. Dad was pretty excited when I was born and spelling wasn’t his strength. In my twenties, I changed Gearld to Gerald. I wish I hadn’t.

by David Halliday

Charles Chamberlin

2 02 2014

The colours are so bright and… musical. Many of his collages are abstract or geometrical. I am not normally fond of this kind of work but Chamberlin’s work has such energy that you can’t help but take it in.

Charles Chamberlin1 Charles Chamberlin2 Charles Chamberlin3 Charles Chamberlin4 Charles Chamberlin5 Charles Chamberlin6 Charles Chamberlin7 Charles Chamberlin8Charles Chamberlin

Jacek Yerka

21 09 2013

Boy, you can have some fun browsing through this artist’s world. There is no darkside here. A lot of fantasy. The ideal imagination.

yerka1 yerka2 yerka3 yerka4