Zena Holloway

4 05 2015

Zena Holloway’s work is beautiful. As we used to say, it will knock your socks off. Which is an odd expression. But for one who swims like a stone, this work is so graceful, sublime, and wondrous.

Richard Avedon

2 03 2015

Not only has Richard Avedon photographed many famous people. But he has also taken some very odd pictures. All wonderful. A lot of fun and joy in his pics.

Tim O’Brien

26 01 2015

His work is fabulous. An artist with a point of view.

Tim O'Brien148-art Tim O'Brien2194536699 Tim O'Brien2685214788 Tim O'Brien8560369888 Tim O'Brien1353605914802016 Tim O'Brien1353605919114927 Tim O'Brien1353605943926239 Tim O'BriennewsIllo3 Tim O'Briensquare Tim O'Brientim-obrien18-forblog Tim O'Brientim-o-brien-art-2 Tim O'Brientim-obrien-time-magazine-muammar-gaddafi-cover-1-620x413 Making MoviesMaking Movies



Edwin Georgi

24 01 2015

The pin up girl. The fantasy of the girl next door beauty. Pulp novels and movies, melodramas are filled with her presence. She is a male ideal. Not exactly. She is an ideal captured and cultivated by the fashion, make-up, and advertising world. Almost every First Lady has looked like her. Edwin Georgi is one the artists who has made his career around her. And yet. She does not exist.

EGeorgi1 EGeorgi2 EGeorgi3 EGeorgi4 EGeorgi5 EGeorgi6 EGeorgi7 EGeorgi8trashTrash

Earle Bergey

13 12 2014

Earle-K.-Bergey-Winter-Bedtime-Stories Earle K. Bergeytumblr_n5xjx8QwFd1sqyiy5o9_500 Earle K. BergeyPB00067-2 Earle K. Bergeyelvgren_baressentials_1957 Earle K. Bergeyc91bafe13528a3c7cabc3dd89ce04d91 Earle K. Bergey10067542145_3db3fba077_k Earle K. Bergey104891_137093_LustKiller_1 Earle K. Bergey1950,Gnlmn Earle K. Bergey600full-earle-k.-bergey Earle K. Bergey3f8b61da43cd68bde58fd60c73926016These were the types of magazines and book covers that our local priest preached would send us straight to hell. Seem rather innocent now.

Diane Melfi

2 12 2014

Perhaps these pics are another version of the black velvet paintings. But I’m feeling nostalgic. And I recall all these neon posters in friend’s rooms. During college. That almost glowed in the dark. And of course were drug related. The girls in these pics do seem to vibrate the colours around them. Remind me of one particular girl. Whose skin was as dark as oak marble. And whose teeth shone like snow.

I don’t know if Diana Melfi is particularly talented. But these do grab your attention.

DMelfi1 DMelfi2 DMelfi3 DMelfi4 DMelfi5 DMelfi6

rudy nappi

27 11 2014

The dramas and cliches grown out of teenage boy fantasies. Tough guys and loose women. The ones that didn’t graduate from high school and hung around the local gas station.

rudy nappi. shock. 001 rudy nappi. the price of surrender. 001 rudy nappi1 rudy nappi2 rudy nappi3 rudy nappi4 rudy nappi5 rudy nappi6 rudy nappi7 rudy nappi8 rudy nappi9


Robert McGinnis

31 10 2014

Robert McGinnis (born February 3, 1926)[1] is an American artist and illustrator. McGinnis is known for his illustrations of more than 1,200 paperback book covers,[2] and over 40 movie posters, including Breakfast at Tiffanys (his first film poster assignment),[3]Barbarella, and several James Bond and Matt Helm films.[4]

A lot of his work is very commercial. Cheesy to tell you the truth. But you’ve got to tip your hat to anyone who manages to make a living in any avenue of art.

Robert McGinnis 1926 Robert McGinnis2 Robert McGinnis3 Robert McGinnis4 Robert McGinnis5 Robert McGinnis6 Robert McGinnis7 Robert McGinnis8 Robert McGinnis9 Robert McGinnis10 Robert McGinnis11 robert-mcginnis-1362797311_b