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27 10 2016


madonna in a fast car

23 09 2016


Roberto Ferri

13 08 2016


23 04 2015

He burst upon the Rome art scene in 1600 with the success of his first public commissions, the Martyrdom of Saint Matthew and Calling of Saint Matthew. Thereafter he never lacked commissions or patrons, yet he handled his success poorly. He was jailed on several occasions, vandalized his own apartment, and ultimately had a death warrant issued for him by the Pope after killing a young man, possibly unintentionally, on May 29, 1606.[5]

An early published notice on him, dating from 1604 and describing his lifestyle three years previously, recounts that “after a fortnight’s work he will swagger about for a month or two with a sword at his side and a servant following him, from one ball-court to the next, ever ready to engage in a fight or an argument, so that it is most awkward to get along with him.”[6] In 1606 he killed a young man in a brawl and fled from Rome with a price on his head. He was involved in a brawl in Malta in 1608, and another in Naples in 1609, possibly a deliberate attempt on his life by unidentified enemies. This encounter left him severely injured. A year later, at the age of 38, he died under mysterious circumstances in Porto Ercole in Tuscany, reportedly from a fever while on his way to Rome to receive a pardon.

His life reads like a film, a Hollywood blockbuster.

Theodore Chasseriau

11 03 2015

Théodore Chassériau was a French romantic painter noted for his portraits, historical and religious paintings, allegorical murals, and Orientalist images inspired by his travels to Algeria.

The question I can’t help asking is why so many naked women? Are they being ‘objectified’? I suppose an investigation of the artist might throw some light on this matter. But I like approaching the canvasses with complete naivity.


14 01 2015

Allegory of Painting. These animations of classical pieces of art are always fun to look at. This one is done by an artist Alicia7777777

sleeping beauty Download Sleeping Beauty.