David Halliday’s Victor Genova in Guelph

2 11 2016

American Intimacy

17 10 2016


Spade meets the fatman

1 10 2016

Spade meets the fatman

smile slash’d spade’s face.
laughter gargled through the fatman’s
“the black bird fills the heart
with need, buries young
boys under dead leaves,
molests virgins in naked sleep,
shakes the voice that soothes the soul,
is the world spent, the word mute,
time stilled and waiting…”
outside there was a crash
both men turned. the door flew
open. the wind fell inside.

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The Maltese Falcon, one of my favourite films and books, is the core of this book. The Black Bird is about celebrity. About the self. Lost in the layers of masks, the actor, the role, the husband, the man.


Pierre Klossowski

12 03 2016

Born in Paris, Pierre Klossowski was the older brother of the artist Balthazar Klossowski, better known as Balthus. Their parents were the art historian Erich Klossowski and the painter Baladine Klossowska. His German-educated father came from a family supposedly belonging to the former Polish petty nobility (drobna szlachta) and bearing the Rola coat of arms. His mother, Baladine Klossowska, was born as Elisabeth Dorothea Spiro in Breslau, Prussia (now Wrocław, Poland).

From 20 September to 19 October 2006 there was a display of Klossowski’s drawings and life size sculptures made after them with sculptor Jean-Paul Réti along with the art of Hans Bellmer at the Whitechapel Art Gallery also presented at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and the Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris with a film retrospective.


Philip Scott Johnson

8 01 2016

Making Movies

28 12 2015

FREE download.  Making Movies.

‘The magic of film is recreated, taken apart, examined and lovingly satirized in an unusual work of fiction. David Halliday imagines a BBC documentary about ‘the well known Canadian film maker Samuel Bremmer’. We see moments of the films themselves; we hear the words of the actors, the designers and the commentary of the director, Samuel Bremmer. The illusion of film, and how it is created against a backdrop of money problems, personality clashes, jealousies, ambitions, love and vanity. Originally published by Press Porcepic.’

Kara Walker

9 10 2015

Kara Walker


Romulos Guardia

29 08 2015

Romulo Guardia Granier, born in Caracas on Sept 13th 1961. Educated in France and England, studied arts at the University of California San Diego, 1985.

His clean flat surfaces and his story lines are very interesting.

Solitude or loneliness? Melancolia 2Melancolìa...she waits...

the falcon

24 08 2015

Nothing Of Much Use Came Out Of Her Mouth

24 08 2015