saving the moon

3 01 2018

saving the moon

Born a Warrior

22 11 2017

Born a Warrior


an angel in her eye

27 03 2016

An Angel In Her Eye

Victoria Fomina

8 07 2015

I like paints on a water basis – a watercolor, gouache, acrylic. They are mobile and I fill some spontaneity when I draw. They give miracle a chance to infiltrate “into this world”.
When I draw it seems to me that I open the next unknown country. I see, what are landscapes, and how people are dressed, etc. The most important thing is – it must be interesting to me to travel there. And pictures will be interesting to.

This is the artist’s statement. Wonderful. Direct. No pretension. Just like her work. It is magical. And clean. She has illustrated many children’s book. (If you want to see a lot of great work without going to a museum, go to a book store and browse through the children’s section.)

Lizzy Stewart

31 05 2015

The pictures are charming. They has a kind of New Yorker quality about them. They are fun. Lizzy Stewart

Davidovic Mile

30 04 2015

Naive art, or so it is called, has always mesmerized me. It can tilt over to the side into ‘tacky’ or ‘smaltz’.

Ivan Generalic

25 04 2015

Ivan Generalic’s work reminds one of Rousseau. Or Breughel. Or perhaps many of the wonderfully illustrated children’s books. His work is charming.

Born a Warrior

20 04 2015

Born a Warrior was a children’s story that dealt with the Tom Sawyer life of a boy and facing one’s fears.

Warrior 1 Warrior 2 Warrior 3 Warrior 4 Warrior 5 Warrior 6 Warrior 7

The Magic Cave

19 04 2015

The Magic Cave dealt with loneliness, something that was prevalent in my childhood and more common than a lot of adults remember.

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The Day After Christmas

18 04 2015

CCF12272008_00000 CCF12272008_00001 CCF12272008_00002 CCF12272008_00003 CCF12272008_00004 CCF12272008_00005 CCF12272008_00006The anticipation of Christmas is always greater than Christmas itself. Presents and the religious significance aside, the holiday like all holidays has a dark shadow.