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20 11 2015

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29 08 2012

Roa. Another street artist. And this artist(s) is all over the world.

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Roa’s Big Bird on Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, London from Shafiur Rahman on Vimeo.

27 07 2012

I am a big fan of street art. Unfortunately we have very little in Toronto.

Brazilian Fashion Blog

Living with dirty walls and grey tones of large cities is not easy. Those who live in metropolitan areas know how pleasant it is when in a given day that old and destroyed wall becomes an open air museum: it is the graffiti, transforming forgotten spaces into canvas, valuing the enriching the environment and improving life quality for citizens.

Brazilian Fashion Blog pays a tribute to these artists, bringing a selection of pictures reflecting such works from the major Brazilian metropolis: Sao Paulo.

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22 06 2012

This festival has to be seen to be believed. The stages are like huge sculptures. Wosal

Lifestyle Amour

 This year again will the Bregenz Festival be held in Austria. It’s a grand spectacle every year again. Opera singers, artist from all over the world come to perform on this prestigious Festival. And not only the artists are amazing, also the stages are unbelievable pieces of art!

If you want to know more, or want to buy tickets to see it for yourself, click here.

The stage is a massive floating stage on Lake Constance, and this is the centerpieve of the annual Bregenz Festival in Austria. The stage hosts opera productions famous for their extraordinary set designs. Audiences up to 7.000 people can be placed to watch the enormous spectacle. Performances can be watched through the end of August.

The Marvelous Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival

photo via The Telegraph

Some stages of the past years

The Marvelous Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival

photo via AP/Rudi Blaha

The Marvelous Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival

photo via EPA

The Marvelous Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival

photo via Getty

The Marvelous Floating Stage of the Bregenz Festival

photo via Reuters

This stage was designed by…

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The Shock of the New 08: The Future That Was

21 06 2012

So many of my ideas, my reactions to the art world appear in this program. I almost remember seeing this many years ago. I feel like I was used. As a blank tape I seemed to have recorded so much. Which makes me wonder about any so called original ideas I thought I had. I love the program. Like I love my own thoughts. Agreeing with ideas is a form of vanity. This is a long program, almost an hour. But its a great story.

Yayoi Kusama

13 06 2012

This is one strange artist. A cross between Cher and Yoko. She’s quite mad. But in a Walt Disney way.

The Daily Norm

Tate Modern has gone all polka dot – and I’m not talking about the impending arrival of Damien Hirst. No, no, another artist, similarly best-selling and awfully contemporary, but perhaps less readymade, and stemming all the way from Japan claims that she made polka dots her artistic trademark long before Hirst made the colourful dots his personal emblem with LSD . And she’s probably right, because for Yayoi Kusama, the eccentric, self-admitted mental-institution resident and world famous artist who is the subject of Tate Modern’s latest retrospective exhibition, the polka dot was not just emblematic of her early and continuing artistic career, but represented the hallucinations looming inside her troubled head.

Welcome to Kusama world, a world where an artist’s output is not the product of imagination, but mental torture. Famous for her immersive installations, phallic representation, neon-bright colours and those all-embracing polka dots, Kusama is acutely successful in being…

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3 05 2012

They’re back again. This time with a work in Lisbon. One of the most inventive and interesting of the street artists.

Thomas Kinkade

9 04 2012

I used to see Kinkade’s paintings or paintings like them hanging from the walls of the Sears stores. And later in the homes of my relatives. What can you make of them? I find them a mystery. People say that they tug at their heart. And they match the couch. Kinkade felt as if he was the most popular artist of his time. Warhol ended that fallacy when he produced his Campbell Soup Cans. Of course soup cans aren’t art. But is Kinkade?

What will people think of this work generations from now? Will they speak to them? Will they tell them anything about us? That we were living in a dream world. But that is true of most people at most times.

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I have an idea. Of how to make Kinkade into an artist. But I’m not sure if I can get away with it.

Soon Young Lee

21 03 2012

I’ve blogged before about my fascination with these minature worlds. Soon Young Lee has brought something extra into this world. Surrealism. And messiness. The kind of disorganization that makes something seem real.


In keeping with my love of bizarre, miniature worlds, I bring you these fabulous creations by artist Soon Young Lee:

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Katsuya Kamo

7 02 2012

This is the first time I have celebrated a milliner. But such is Katsuya Kamo. His head pieces are amazing. I can’t imagine anyone wearing one of these head pieces. Actually my friend Victor Genova would wear one. But he’s a real party animal. These hats really but the bird back in bird. They are fun.

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