Tamara de Lempicka

23 02 2014

She was a flapper. Spoiled, rich, and talented she did everything to excess. But like Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”, is there anything there?

tamara de Lempicka1 tamara de Lempicka2 tamara de Lempicka3 tamara de Lempicka6 tamara de Lempicka7 tamara de Lempicka8 Microsoft Word - Tamara de Lempicka - NY, Spring 2012.docx tamara de Lempicka10 tamara de Lempicka11 tamara de Lempicka12 tamara de Lempicka13 Tamara_de_Lempicka5



Mara Kurtz

30 06 2013

Mara Kurtz runs her own design school. She also has a blog that you might find interesting. I like some of her collage work. There is a feel of the ‘Cleavers do cubism’ about them. Although they use some of the tools of the more political/critical collages about them, they are not critical of the American experience. In fact they almost seem neutral toward Amercan culture.

mara kurtz1 mara kurtz2 mara kurtz3 mara kurtz4 mara kurtz5

Iyan de Jesus

22 02 2013

Maybe its the details. Almost a throwback to the paisley of the 60s. I like Iyan de Jesus’s work.

The colours remind me of some of the early paintings of Ed Kuris.

Iyan de Jesus1 Iyan de Jesus2 Iyan de Jesus3 Iyan de Jesus4 Iyan de Jesus5 Iyan de Jesus6 Iyan-de-Jesus4

Catherine Abel

13 01 2013

They are all nudes. All posed. With backgrounds that are like postcards of some time period. Wonderful posters I would say. And that is the point. What do they say? I have no idea.

“Long inspired by the art movements and the bold angular shapes of the early 20th century, australian artist Catherine Abel creates striking figurative oil paintings. Combining classic styles with complex themes of modern feminine sexuality, her works are powerfully seductive compositions of strength and beauty. Influenced at an early age by the works of Picasso, Braque and Salvador Dalì 1904-1989 and more recently Andre Lhote and Tamara de Lempicka, her work has evolved into a truly original style. Abel began her professional painting career in 2000 when she moved to Paris. During her sojourn there, and travels to Italy, she was introduced to the traditional renderings and compositions of the Renaissance Masters. “They have greatly influenced my technique and desire to render the female form in an expression of beauty and grace”. Catherine has returned to Australia after 3 years living and exhibiting in Paris and San Francisco. She has rapidly established herself in Sydney as a fine art painter, while continuing to exhibit and sell internationally.” http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.com/2011/10/catherine-abel-australia.html

Catherine Abel1 Catherine Abel2 Catherine Abel3 Catherine Abel4 Catherine Abel5 Catherine Abel6 Catherine Abel7 Catherine Abel8 Catherine Abel9 Catherine Abel10

Rod Luff

4 12 2012

I’m not sure what to make of Rod Luff’s work. Is it serious work or is it like those glow in the dark posters we used to buy in the 70s ? Is the work principally an appeal to your eyes. With no mental process demanded.  Is this elevator music for the eyes?

Rod Luff3Rod Luff4Rod Luff2Rod Luff1


Ira Tsantekidou

24 09 2012

Seditious. Seductive pieces.

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Evoking a period of time. Or a state of mind. The silly tramp. Ira Tsantekidou

Si Oui Yes – Ira Tsantekidou from aluises on Vimeo.