Stevan Dohanos (1907-1994)

15 03 2017

Charles Bird King (1785-1862)

13 03 2017

Portraits of various Native American chiefs in the 1800s. These paintings were done because the authorities at the time thought the Native Americans would soon become extinct and they wanted to preserve their memory.


Anton Otto Fischer (1882-1962)

9 03 2017

Henry F. Farny (1847-1916)

9 03 2017

the end of the republic

6 03 2017


Savely Sorine (1878-1953)

3 03 2017

Charles Deas (1818-1867)

1 03 2017

What is so interesting about these North American painters from the 18th and 19th centuries is what they painted. Artifacts, ways of life, towns, native people and a world that has long ago disappeared.  They paint a completely different world than one is accustomed to from cinema versions of the American west. Charles Deas suffered a mental breakdown and was confined to an institution for many years at the end of his life. I could not find the paintings he created while institutionalized.