Zena Holloway

4 05 2015

Zena Holloway’s work is beautiful. As we used to say, it will knock your socks off. Which is an odd expression. But for one who swims like a stone, this work is so graceful, sublime, and wondrous.

Edwin Georgi

24 01 2015

The pin up girl. The fantasy of the girl next door beauty. Pulp novels and movies, melodramas are filled with her presence. She is a male ideal. Not exactly. She is an ideal captured and cultivated by the fashion, make-up, and advertising world. Almost every First Lady has looked like her. Edwin Georgi is one the artists who has made his career around her. And yet. She does not exist.

EGeorgi1 EGeorgi2 EGeorgi3 EGeorgi4 EGeorgi5 EGeorgi6 EGeorgi7 EGeorgi8trashTrash

Joseph Leyendecker

7 01 2015

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (March 23, 1874 – July 25, 1951) was one of the preeminent American illustrators of the early 20th century. He is best known for his poster, book and advertising illustrations, the trade character known as The Arrow Collar Man, and his numerous covers for The Saturday Evening Post.[1][2] Between 1896 and 1950, Leyendecker painted more than 400 magazine covers. During the Golden Age of American Illustration, for The Saturday Evening Post alone, J. C. Leyendecker produced 322 covers, as well as many advertisement illustrations for its interior pages. No other artist, until the arrival of Norman Rockwell two decades later, was so solidly identified with one publication.[3] Leyendecker “virtually invented the whole idea of modern magazine design.”

Joseph Leyendecker1 Joseph Leyendecker5ca53648bae56ab3b2bf4022f9e8fd20 Joseph Leyendecker1923_lyendecker_indianwithcampfirebelow Joseph Leyendecker130885_thanksgiving-dogs Joseph Leyendecker32574981 Joseph Leyendecker94073859_c8298ec275 Joseph Leyendeckercgfa_leyendecker3 Joseph Leyendeckerimages Joseph LeyendeckerJC_Leyendecker_cropped Joseph Leyendeckerjcl_arrow_color_1907 Joseph LeyendeckerJosephChristianLeyendecker Joseph Leyendeckerp-iaa4_Joseph_C_Leyendecker Joseph LeyendeckerReview Winyan Soo HooPlanet JackDownload Planet Jack


Serge Lutens

5 01 2015


Serge Lutens is a French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director and fashion designer. Serge Lutens is most well known for his art direction and photography for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido in the 1980s.

I love his use of flat spaces. Gorgeous.

Serge Lutens144 Serge Lutens201 Serge Lutensartlimited_img55872Serge Lutens Serge Lutens-Bench -1 Serge Lutensin_anima_over-redim Serge Lutensla_photo_de_serge_lutens__2815_north_382x Serge Lutenssl-3 Serge Lutenssl33 serge+lutens+Shade+Light+Tulles+Cuttings+Elena+Kountoura+1995 serge-lutens-8Church StreetDownload Church Street Is Burning

Pedro Nekoi

27 12 2014

One thing that you can be sure of with commercial art is that it will be accomplished. The next thing you’ll notice is that it offends no one. Its like a tossed salad. All green and reds and yellows. Nothing brown.

Pedro Nekoi7528572684_0ae3d79cec Pedro Nekoi7858004192_b1a7f42da2 Pedro Nekoiimages Pedro Nekoipedro-01 pedro-nekoi-2 pedro-nekoi-7 pedro-nekoi-267960

Diane Melfi

2 12 2014

Perhaps these pics are another version of the black velvet paintings. But I’m feeling nostalgic. And I recall all these neon posters in friend’s rooms. During college. That almost glowed in the dark. And of course were drug related. The girls in these pics do seem to vibrate the colours around them. Remind me of one particular girl. Whose skin was as dark as oak marble. And whose teeth shone like snow.

I don’t know if Diana Melfi is particularly talented. But these do grab your attention.

DMelfi1 DMelfi2 DMelfi3 DMelfi4 DMelfi5 DMelfi6


20 10 2014

What I love about some fashion shoots is the use of narrative. It is a staged story. Without dialogue. Everything is in the relationship of shots. Dark Days is like that. Something is happening. Perhaps demonic. Or sexual. Certainly dramatic. We impose a story line on the settings that are presented to us. And if that story is somewhat vague… no matter. We are tuned in.

AYakovlev AYakovlev1 AYakovlev2 AYakovlev3 AYakovlev4 AYakovlev5 AYakovlev6 AYakovlev7Andrey Yakovlev2 Andrey Yakovlev4 Andrey Yakovlev5 Andrey Yakovlev7 Andrey-Yakovlev3