That made her laugh- July

13 02 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

She said that we looked like an Oriole cookie. Me so white. Her so black. July laughed easily. And talked about anything. Without a censor. The first thing that came into her head, came out of her mouth. She told me how she liked it when her boyfriends got into fights. When she could hear their fists smacking into someone’s ribs. And the grunts. And cries. It turned her on. Especially when it was over her. And she’d see the expression on my face. (I couldn’t hide my repugnance.) And laugh. (July laughed about everything.) She liked the way I reacted, that I didn’t give into everything she said. Because she was beautiful. And she was beautiful. Long black wavy hair. Dark almost purple coloured skin. (I had never touched such soft skin.) She never used makeup. Never used creams. Never exercised. Her figure was eye catching. Some afternoons she…

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