We were on fire – August

12 02 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

We were on fire. For each other. August was married. Separated. We had picnics in her bedroom. Escaped to my trailer on the highest peak in Ontario. (Actually the area in Ontario is quite flat but it is the highest elevation in the province.) Took long walks through furrowed fields. In rubber boots. I sang the national anthemn in her sweet place. The next week August said it was over. All of a sudden. I felt like a trap door had been opened beneath my feet. That I was Wiley Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon. Months later she called me. She had to see me. We met. She’d had an abortion. She thought I should know. She and her husband had reconciled and a baby was out of the question. There had been a debate. Her husband said that I should know. I looked at her for a long…

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