September was the first victim

12 02 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

I had broken up with a girl after a long relationship. It was very complicated. I’ll call her October. I liked her. She had problems. She was very poor and very young. She was sixteen when I met her and I was 23. I think. She was very mature for her age. And I was… male. I had broken it off with October and gone to graduate school in a different city. Which is where I met September. She was beautiful. And very sexy. She was in the drama program. And I was smitten. She was depressed. Had attempted suicide before I met her. Or at least that is what people told me. People who for unknown reasons did not want me to get closer to her. Our relationship was very… peripheral. We talked a  handful of times but never became lovers. Never even held hands. Sometimes I wasn’t sure…

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