The Art Community and Peanut Butter

10 02 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

Several years ago an old friend from college wrote a very successful book of poetry. The book concerned the death of her brother. It was very well received, but for reasons which have continued to bother me. It was a true story. This gave the emotions/experiences expressed in the book a legitimacy. But why? What if the whole experience had been a fiction? Do we need to anchor the story in reality to trust our reactions? Another reaction was that the book was heartwarming. When I lived in Belgium for several years I recall looking around in all the shops for peanut butter. It was difficult to find. And when I found some in a store on the border with the Netherlands I bought several jars. Peanut butter had never tasted so good. It was comfort food. I was living in a foreign country where I found myself alienated, alone…

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