The Twin Towers

29 01 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

I was working on a street sight (musicians, dancers, etc)  in my collage and up popped two towers. I don’t know where they came from. But they were both pieces of blue sky. Seemed appropriate. My daughter is going to New York next week. She’s not sure if she wants to see ground zero. After all this time has passed its difficult to get a handle what any of that meant. I saw a movie once with Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland in which one of their two sons dies in a boating accident. There was something about the mood in that movie, that sense that one would never get over such an event because it hit so deeply. For example, there were people working with my wife in Toronto who were on the telephone with people in those towers when the first plane hit. Those people were never…

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