The Moods of Transportation

27 01 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

Originally I called this Modes of  Transport. I don’t know why it is comforting to see similar objects lined  up against each. Like in a grocery store. Or an automobile lot. Or on a beach. The mass production of similar or identical objects is a peculiarly 20th century idea. Its democratic. Everyone has the same thing. Of course it also means that there is a certain homogenous quality to everything. Besides being a comfort, this is of course one of our great fears. That we will all turn out to be the same. The loudest objection to this leveling process comes from the conservative right in the United States, the home of individualism. Odd how these same individualist conform so much to convention and hang on to the status quo to their death. A lot of principals can be reduced to self-interest, to what makes us comfortable.  Well, I still…

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