Spider Woman – the mundane trumps the erotic

27 01 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

Men are raised with a perception of women as something mythological. Almost like aliens. Or angels. I remember believing (against all evidence) that a woman could not be an jerk. That characteristic  was restricted to certain men. Nor could I imagine a woman being ridiculous. Or crass. I could not imagine any woman in whose company I would not feel comfortable. Such was the deluded world I lived within. And then one evening, after several beers, I found myself on the arm of a very attractive woman. Who was also drunk. And I started to imagine the evening ahead of us. Carnal thoughts raced through my head. And then she started to cry. Was it something I said? Was there some family tragedy that she had tried to drown in alcohol? It was something much more mundane that ended our evening. She had broken a nail.

spider woman

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