Line as Abstraction #2

27 01 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

Abstraction. What an odd concept. Why did it become the obsession of the 20th century? In music. Painting of course. In poetry (Andre Breton)  and the surrealists). I suppose Kandinsky represents this urge to move from the canvas to the soul of the observer while avoiding or leap frogging over reality. Kandinsky is the one painter who has fused music and the visual. (I saw an episode on House where a patient suffered from an affliction where he saw music. In my old bad days I recall a number of trips on acid where I saw music. It looked like paisley as I recall. Rather tacky when you think about it. )A close friend of mine, Ed Kuris, has spent a life time painting the inside of his soul. Although he has not abandoned the figure, the abstract lives inside it. The abstract is the soul. And…

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