I should have rip’d his heart out!

25 01 2018

Hallidd's Weblog

I should have rip'd out his heartA close friend of mine was having a passionate relationship with a young man. I did not know the young man but I was glad my friend was involved with someone. She had been a lost soul for a long time, estranged from her family, in poor health, and in a large city far from  home. I was one of her lone friends. She met Harvey. (I can’t remember his name.) I’m tempted to say that his name was Glen because he resembled the country singer Glen Campbell (Campbell as a young man.) Bernice called me. I could feel the joy in her voice. Nothing made me so happy as to hear that lovely lilt in her laugh. Harvey and Bernice (I’ll call her Bernice) spent almost every hour with each other. In bed. Finally, after weeks of trying, I got a hold of Bernice. She was a mess. Not…

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