Ivie Anderson

13 01 2018

was it the music that made their voices so sweet

Saints of Jazz

Ivie Anderson (July 10, 1905 – December 28, 1949)

The photographer showed up. In a Panama suit. At St. Mary’s Convent. For Negro girls. The students smiled so often. Their lips began to break. Outside in the street. Little Ivie pounded at the door.  Let me in! But she was too late.. There were 67 girls photographed. There should have been 8.

On a stool. To one side of the band. She sat. Tapping her foot. Not for her Prince. But for the Duke. As he climbed up his Calvary of pain. The broken hearted chorus burst into joy. And the thorns gave over to her words. So sweet and true. Ivie became their voice.

A Day at the Races. Ivie got lost in Groucho’s eyebrows. The washerwoman. Her sad bewildered eyes. Attracted Harpo. Blew his horn. Like a fire truck. Chased Ivie around the set. Humour is like…

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