Kay Starr

12 01 2018

Saints of Jazz

Kay Starr (July 21, 1922 -

Lou Gehrig could see the future. Luckiest man in the world. Knew when his time was up. Not Eugen Weidmann. Lost his head. Outside the prison of Saint-Pierre. The last public guillotining. Page 50. Believe it or Not. Made Eugene so famous. Last thing he did was dance.

The tramps passed. Little Kay Starr’s doorstep. And talked of revolution.  When things would return. To the golden days. But little Katie wasn’t listenin’. She had found her own audience. The chickens in the coop. Loved to hear her singin’. Made them forget. The foxes in the woodlot. Couldn’t stop grinnin’.

Kay sang on a radio station. In Dallas. Texas. A little girl. And that big mike. So many song contests. You’d think that winning once was enough. And Lina Medina. Became the world’s youngest mother. At the age of five. And everyone agreed. The future…

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