Savannah Churchill

11 01 2018

life is absurd

Saints of Jazz

Savannah Churchill (August 21, 1920 – April 19, 1974)

Born quietly in a noisy time. Out of the blue. Part of a wonderful plan. Only God knew. The pope declared that Catholics were forbidden. To shower. During Lent. Flames ate the head. Of the Eiffel Tower.

Savannah could hear footsteps. Up the hardwood stairs. David at the door. The smell of combava garlic and ginger. Lovely evenings. Arms wrapped around shoulders. The skid of tires. The jingle of glass. David in photographs. Windows without breadth. Its better not to ask.

A satin voice. No time for introspection. Two kids to feed. Music spilling her name in lights. A red velvet dress. In Birmingham, Nat King Cole was attacked on stage. A concrete girder weighing 200 tons. Killed 48. In Karachi. Pakistan. The reason. Anyone’s guess.

A fat man ended her career. Fell on her. From the balcony. In 1956. She…

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