The Andrew Sisters

9 01 2018

Saints of Jazz

The Andrew Sisters (1911 –

And the war raged on. In the kitchens of America. On the radio. Three little sisters sang on. About hugging. And kissing under an apple tree. Sang about bugles. In company B. Sang about jumping up. For those boys in their boats. In their tents. In their tanks. Brushing their teeth. Eating that grub. Sinking those subs.

Hitler loved his children. He kept them warm. Some graduated from university. And flew to the moon. Others wished they’d never been born. 2500 women trampled guards. Trying to purchase. 1500 alarm clocks. In a Chicago department store. Time was going up in smoke.

And the war raged on. Hal Newhouser was named AL MVP. In reprisal. The Nazis. Hung 40 Dutch men. Like apples. From the trees. Lungs like trumpets. Our three lovely sweethearts. Singing at full volume. Through the air. Across the seas. And Maxene got…

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