Jo Stafford

7 01 2018

Saints of Jazz

Jo Stafford (November 12, 1917 – July 16, 2008)

A letter on the vanity. Next to the talc and brandy. A shadow standing in the corner. A stocking flung over his shoulder. A cigarette in his fingers. Looking back with a smile on her face. Some kind of disruption behind.

The Chesterfield Supper Club. Radio Show. Dinner served with laughs. A lot of coughing. Love curled up in a purse. Jo Stafford. Entertainee. Perfect pitch. She could have played for the Yankees.

Old sailors no longer get their pants pressed. And the fleet is sleeping. In the noon day shade. The dust has settled. The war was won. And the retirement homes are run. By government men. Dying of congestive heart failure. Jo Stafford wept. First love would not come again.

Glenn Taylor. Such a tall man. Idaho Senator. Arrested in Birmingham. Alabama. For walking through a door. Marked “for…

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