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27 07 2017

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The magic of film is recreated, taken apart, examined and lovingly satirized in an unusual work of fiction. David Halliday imagines a BBC documentary about ‘the well known Canadian film maker Samuel Bremmer’. We see moments of the films themselves; we hear the words of the actors, the designers and the commentary of the director, Samuel Bremmer. The illusion of film, and how it is created against a backdrop of money problems, personality clashes, jealousies, ambitions, love and vanity. Originally published by Press Porcepic.

The idea for this book began when I was living in Belgium. I listened to BBC Radio and Television. There were a lot of documentaries on the British and American film industry. I found the documentaries intriguing. They were filled with the kind of self-importance and naval gazing that only the British can do without embarassment. So I wrote a book about a group of fictional…

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