Attack on the Rijksmuseum

23 06 2017

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attack on the RijksmuseumThis book is a series of illustrations I did in a frontal attack on art banks… museums. I was watching a program the other night on the television about an auction of art. One piece sold for $800,000. This is an outrageous price, but at least it was the artist who was receiving most of the money. In many cases the art is sold from seller to seller and the artist is either long dead or receives nothing from the sale because he did not own the work.

In the 18th or 17th century tulips were traded for huge sums of money. One day a Dutchman bought a particular tulip bulb for a huge price, the cost of a house. He sent a note to a friend and asked him to come over to his place. He had something wonderful to show him. The friend showed up but there was…

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