The Black Bird

20 06 2017

power of h Weblog

1.THE FILMBB150jpeg-12.Characters150-500jpeg2.Characters150-500jpeg-13.players150-500jpeg3.players150-500jpeg-1interview150-300jpg2players150-300jpg1players150-300jpg2privatelife150-300jpg1privatelife150-300jpg2The Black Bird was a novel/poem I published in 1982. All copies were lost in the flood of 2013. But the ebook can be found at iTunes.

“The Black Bird concerns itself not with the baring of a soul but with the stripping down of a life. It begins with the most remote extension of the human soul, one’s public image. It begins with the mythic image of Humphrey Bogart. Bogart as a celebrity. Skin after skin is stripped away. Bogart as the character Sam Spade. Bogart as an actor. Bogart as a son and husband. Bogart as a man. The soul of Bogart. Until we reached beyond death to a final unravelling back to Bogart as a boy. A boyhood steeped in mythic reality. Originally published in 1982 by The Porcupine’s Quill.”

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