Artemisia Gentileschi

13 06 2017

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This is a very interesting artist. Artemisia Gentileschi. Her paintings reflect her own pain and insights after she was raped. Than had to go to trial against the rapist. Her story is courageous. And her paintings reflect that. With a slightly psychotic and gruesome after taste.

A movie was made about her life. I have not seen it. It apparently plays very fast with the facts of her life and the trial.

Artemisia Gentileschiagentileschi4Artemisia GentileschiartemisiaAllegoriaPittura300Artemisia GentileschiDanaeArtemisiaGentileschiArtemisia Gentileschie7fe1fdd7714a795c20104fbf8e8e511Artemisia Gentileschigentileschi_jael_sisera_grtArtemisia GentileschiindexArtemisia GentileschiMV5BMzgyMjg3MjE2MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDE1OTM5._V1_Artemisia_Gentileschi_-_Sleeping_Venusartemisia_gentileschi_025_salome_con_testa_del_battistawomen gone mad part 2Women Gone Mad

Part Two

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