11 06 2017

power of h Weblog

Its a wonderful invention machine. Not the imagination. But cheekiness. (An English expression I have heard so often in sporting events. I have never used it myself. Don’t have the noive.) Santos has quite a sense of humor. Mixing the great masters of art and his own slant on things. That along with his wonderful draftsmanship and coloring has created very interesting and amusing work. Look closely.

CESAR SANTOS386639_327457457271108_1989359223_nCESAR SANTOSCesar Santos - (4)CESAR SANTOSCesar Santos-カイ-45CESAR SANTOSCesar-David-Queen-huile-sur-toile-120-x-95-cm-14000-euroCESAR SANTOScesar-santos_17CESAR SANTOScesarsantos_342243234243_largeCESAR SANTOScesar-santos-3CESAR SANTOSSantos_Mazazo_de_gracia_32x54in-largeCESAR SANTOSSantos_The_Three_Graces_56x74in_ool-largeCESAR SANTOStumblr_mnkk8tV1E51rfltouo1_500women gone mad part 1Download Women Gone Mad Part One

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