Théodore Rousseau (1812-1867)

28 04 2017

There is way to much misfortune in this artist’s life.

Rousseau then suffered a series of misfortunes. His wife, who had been a source of constant anxiety for years, became almost hopelessly insane; his aged father became dependent on him for pecuniary assistance; his patrons were few. Moreoever, while he was temporarily absent with his invalid wife, a youth living in his home (a friend of his family) committed suicide in his Barbizon cottage; when he visited the Alps in 1863, making sketches of Mont Blanc, he became dangerously ill with inflammation of the lungs; and when he returned to Barbizon he suffered from insomnia and became gradually weakened.



4 responses

28 04 2017

I like how he makes classical nature so eery, with just a tinge of menace. You can tell he is sad and feels out of control. Painting must have been a consolation or at least an outlet.

29 04 2017
David Halliday

its like he lives in a world of apprehension.

28 04 2017

Beautiful! Love his work!

29 04 2017
David Halliday

he makes me feel claustrophobic around nature.

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