Constant Troyon (1810-1865)

27 04 2017

As a youth I spentĀ  hours on my grandfather’s farm watching the cows. They were such huge beasts and seemed completely oblivious to my presence. One day I walked out into the pasture to pet what I thought was a cow. My uncle came out to get me. He had a hammer in his hand. It was the farm’s prize bull and very dangerous.

Mr. and Mrs. McGuire of Bradshaw and their late son Alton.

27 04 2017

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Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and their late son Alton

Fascinating how people have posed for portraits knowing that when people look at them, they will be dead.

by David Halliday

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you’d think someone had died

27 04 2017

you'd think someone had died

the butler did it in the maid’s room

27 04 2017

The disappearance of Morgan Reilly

27 04 2017