Cellphones to Sinks to Pillows

30 12 2016

On Art and Aesthetics

Rogier Willems

A fan of Lucian Freud, Diego Velázquez, Francis Bacon and Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, Amsterdam-based artist Rogier Willems creates realistic paintings of people and objects in the traditional oil-on-canvas technique. “I explore the human face in such a way that I try to connect the intimacy of the individual with the universality of human existence,” he says. “In this way, I elevate the portrait into an autonomous work of art which ascends the context of the person portrayed. I choose often an introspective pose in the people I portray.”

Rogier’s art captures ordinary domestic spaces and conveys the value of the simplest of items from our everyday life – pillows and bed sheets, teapots, even the dish washing liquid near the kitchen sink. The human figures in these paintings, nude or barely-clothed, are caught when they are playing with their devices, trying hard to communicate with a loved one…

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