Hard Brush Soft Paint

24 04 2016

A young painter finds passion, pain, love, and despair in gesso and canvas.

Hard Brush Soft Paint

Hard Brush coverLARGE

A Woman In The Middle Of A Crowd

A woman in her mid 40s waits in the middle of a crowd, surrounded by the backs of men’s dreams. She waits near a clock that drips. Run out of cuteness. Suffering the lack of temptation. Wallpaper peels off the button down suits of old lovers that hang in her closet. And she mixes up their laughs and their wallets. And remembers only the swollen knuckles and their politeness as they dissolve in her photo albums. She pats the couch. What happened to Fuzzy? Where did she go? Her loneliness is filled with goodness. And her emptiness echoes like a cathedral. Curling a string of pearls around her finger she bites down on her lip. If only I had been prettier.




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