20 03 2016




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21 03 2016
Lucinda Poulsen

Still finding your work incredible. If you don’t mind me asking how do you usually go about creating your pieces? Is it more by hand or digital?

21 03 2016
David Halliday

All of my early work was cut and paste and a Xerox machine. Later on I got a camera and started using Photoshop. In the last year I”ve been busy selling my house so I had very little space to work and had to focus on Photoshop. But there are limitations to Photoshop. So I am hoping to combine PHotoshop and cut and paste. I tried to do material collages for a while (cloth, different materials in more abstract forms) but it was too intellectual and not much fun. Years ago I did boxes which I filled with different objects (including apples which of course rotted, creating wonderful colours, but also stinking and collecting fruit flies). I ended up throwing all that work in the garbage. I’m not much good at 3 dimensional or sculptural collages. I tried it and wasn’t impressed. I threw those out as well. I did paint years ago but ended up throwing most of that work in the garbage although there were some pieces that I really liked. One piece was about 4 feet by ten feet. It disappeared. Go figure.

23 02 2018
David Halliday

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