the horror of memory

18 10 2015

The Horror of MemoryBV

Whatever happened to…

18 10 2015

whatever happened David Halliday

Giovanni Lanfranco

18 10 2015

Giovanni Lanfranco (26 January 1582 – 30 November 1647) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period.

Giovanni Gaspare Lanfranco was born in Parma, the third son of Stefano and Cornelia Lanfranchi, and was placed as a page in the household of Count Orazio Scotti.[1] His talent for drawing allowed him to begin an apprenticeship with the Bolognese artist Agostino Carracci, brother of Annibale Carracci, working alongside fellow Parmese Sisto Badalocchio in the local Farnese palaces. When Agostino died in 1602, both young artists moved to Annibale’s large and prominent Roman workshop, which was then involved in working on the Galleria Farnese in the Palazzo Farnese gallery ceiling. Lanfranco is considered to have contributed to the panel of Polyphemus and Galatea (replica in Doria Gallery) and some minor works in the room.

Giovanni Ianfranco3

Giovanni Ianfranco2

Giovanni Ianfranco1

Afarin Rahmanifar

18 10 2015

Rahmanifar’s work takes its inspiration from different images of women from the east and west: genies, Sheherazade, Barbies and the dichotomy between real women’s bodies and expectations of women’s bodies. “I construct images of female identity associated with sexuality, femininity, politics and the social aspect of the female,” she said. “I call it ‘Unraveling Stories’ because I want to unravel and retell stories of the female, living in oppressed society in eastern culture, and targeted by social media in western culture.”



there must be something left for me

18 10 2015

there must be something left for David Halliday

A Canadian Diplomat In Paris

18 10 2015

A Canadian Diplomat in ParisBV

A Tribute to John Stezak

18 10 2015

A Tribute to John StezakV1BV