Michael Parkes

21 09 2015

Michael Parkes. 

I’m not big on this kind of fantasy. I like griddier work. But the work is very well done.


girl lost in wild

21 09 2015

It happens every summer. Someone wanders into a painting and gets lost

girl lost in wild

Thomas Saliot

21 09 2015

girl with the red Corvette

21 09 2015

Girl with the red Corvettev2

Girl with the red Corvette

Michael Meyersfeld

21 09 2015

You sometimes run across artists who are ‘professionals’. I hate the term. There are no professional artists. We’re all amateurs. But there are people like Meyersfeld who can make a living at art. And his work is very professional. And there are stories in his work which make them especially interesting to me.


21 09 2015

His mistress on Sunday morning