The Fabulous Diana Ross

16 09 2015

The Fabulous Diana Ross

Thu Nguyen

16 09 2015

“I paint landscape, plantscape, and figures – mostly oil on panel. I love painting because it gives me great enjoyment. I lose myself in time and the day to day worries just vanish…and when I have completed a painting I feel like a part of me will remain when I am gone.”


Vanilla Sky SOLD

1997 - My First Snowy Winter SOLD

Peace at lastNight Drive (special sale)Passing TrainEnfamil at Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Ruud van Empel

16 09 2015

With Photoshop, van Empel seamlessly collages his source images, creating his own surreal and fantastic worlds. He says about his intent, “…you have to take time to look with my work. There has to be one image that’s very monumental that grabs you at first sight and then you will see the sinister details.” Van Empel constructs worlds that cannot exist in reality, but are so sharp-ly focused that we are immediately drawn into them.

Van Empel’s world is some place between Alice in Wonderland and Henri Rousseau. There is both a naive and sinister quality about his work. A tension that makes them very dramatic.



16 09 2015

snowCOVERRead the book SNOW.

Marie Cosindas

16 09 2015

Marie Cosindas. I find her portraits both interesting and bizarre. It as if she has lived in a surreal world.

teenage wasteland

16 09 2015

Teenage WastelandTeenage WastelandV2

Street Art 40

16 09 2015

Street Art 40by DavidHalliday