Barbara Cole

12 08 2015

Everything began early and abruptly for Cole. And everything that happened to her contributed a good deal to the artist she was to become. She was modeling, for example, when she was still a teenager. And although she dropped out of high school in grade twelve, she found herself, virtually overnight, transported from a temporary job as a secretary to—remarkably—the position of fashion editor for the Toronto Sun. This was in 1972. The position became an intense, hectic, protracted, hands-on photography course for a woman who, at this time, was still only nineteen years old.

“I came to be an artist simply by taking pictures”, Cole told me recently, and indeed what better way is there? Newspaper staff photographers apparently dislike doing fashion shoots, Cole assured me (it seems you couldn’t win awards that way), and so, in the Toronto Sun’s then non-unionized shop, Cole undertook them herself, learning as she went. The staff photographers seemed happy enough to teach her darkroom techniques, and within a couple of years she was creating fashion layouts for the paper, writing articles, and, more importantly, travelling the globe, taking runway photos in Paris, New York and everywhere else the momentary urgencies of fashion beckoned.



One response

12 08 2015
laurent domergue

Ces peintures me rappellent certaines peintures parues chez Albin Michel ” Bye Bye , Bye Baby , Bye Bye Rock Dreams ” par Guy Peellaert – Nik Cohn …!!!

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