Art Venti

12 08 2015

Tissues are as humble and fragile as human lives, and living those lives crumples each into a unique form. Through death and tragedy, people clutch at tissues in a futile attempt to hold back a river of tears. Working as an artist is my strongest defense of our fragile existence. As I endeavor to leave my mark in the world around me, I am reminded that mortality is a powerful adversary to be counteracted with beauty.

So says artist Art Venti. Of course it is not just tears that tissues are used for. Venti may be the first artist to have his work referred to as ‘snot art’. Bad puns aside I am quite taken with the photographs of his tissues. It looks like science fiction. Multi-dimensional.

I used to be obsessed with patterns when I was younger. I think it has something to do with pattern recognition. Or maybe bi-polarism. I used to drop drops of ink on a paper and then blow them around using a straw. After they’d dried I would look for faces. You wouldn’t (or you would) believe how many comic facial features arise. Great if you’re a cartoonist.



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