Vanessa Dakinsky

31 07 2015

Vanessa Dakinsky. The work seems to be happening right on the canvas. Like a kid in a sand box. A rampage of colours. And little asides that are amusing, cute, non-sensical (does the word even exist? Does now, I guess.) I love her invention. And her fun. Its like the inside of my head on a good day.

Richard Avedon

31 07 2015

Richard Avedon (May 15, 1923 – October 1, 2004) was an American fashion and portrait photographer. An obituary published in The New York Times said that “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century”.

Perhaps we should just focus on his work.


A Beached Beast, 1942

31 07 2015

A Beached Beast, 1942

Rolling hills

31 07 2015

Father heard someone outside. We went out to see what was there. It was a lone airplane. Lost in the sky.

Rolling Hills