Daisy Clarke

24 07 2015

The moment a fairy tale move’s from light to dark, The sound of the wind through the pines, the sentience of animals, Far beyond the edge the cloud’s, What we fear in the dark and what lie’s beyond fear.

Saatchi Art Artist Daisy Clarke; Collage, “midsummer ball” #artSaatchi Art Artist Daisy Clarke; Painting, “sold” #art

Max Klinger

24 07 2015

Max Klinger (1857-1920) was a German-born artist whose work had a strong influence on other Symbolists such as Otto Greiner and Alfred Kubin. He achieved much acclaim during his lifetime for his fantastical engravings, the most famous perhaps being the Paraphrase on the Discovery of a Glove series. He was also a talented sculptor, as witnessed in his remarkable statue of Beethoven.

Joao Garlao

24 07 2015

Using the simplest of techniques, Joao Garlao has created some fascinating pieces. Two images on top of each other. With a pattern cut out from one of them. But which one? Your mind seems to be caught up in an endless experience of comparison.

I see you got some colour…

24 07 2015

I see you got some colour..by David Halliday

Flowers 4

24 07 2015

flowers150-300jpg13 flowers150-300jpg14 flowers150-300jpg15 flowers150-300jpg16This is the last time I used the flower motif. Less people plant flowers these days. With two people working its difficult to garden. I’ve also noticed less butterflies, bees, and grasshoppers. I remembered when you had to pick the bugs out of your teeth after a quick spin on the bike. Ah, those were the days.

Flowers 3

24 07 2015

The interesting thing about collage is that they suggest meaning but then laugh at the suggestion. Like a stand up comedian making fun of life’s quarks. Than going off stage depressed if the audience didn’t laugh. Who said any of this was funny. (I’m having a Donald Trump day)

flowers150-300jpg9 flowers150-300jpg10 flowers150-300jpg11 flowers150-300jpg12