Gerrit Gerard Visser

21 07 2015

Come to the party…

Martin Wittfooth

21 07 2015

Almost as if he were replacing humans with animals. As if he were pointing out the spiritual qualities of animals as well as their suffering. Or so I think. His work does invite interpretation. It is not a benign study of animals. He is editorializing.

Buster Keaton dies in Elora, Ontario, at the age of 120

21 07 2015

Buster Keaton dies in Elora, Ontario at the age of 120by David Halliday

Lust of old men 3

21 07 2015

At some time as you get older, you realize you’ll never fall in love again. Thank God, for that. I’m sounding real cranky. Like an old rusted gate. What a beautiful melody it plays.

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Lust of Old Men 2

21 07 2015

What we call culture seems to have been created by adolescents. Or at least by males (mostly) under forty. Women have begun to assert themselves in the west since WWI. Before that, very little. Only in philosophy have the elderly made any contribution. In a youth culture, the premiere values are those of the young. And I’ve outgrown them. And find them mostly boring.

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