Liu Bolin

20 07 2015

Artist and camouflage extraordinaire Liu Bolin just opened a new exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris featuring a number of new works that depict the artist perfectly hidden amongst urban backdrops. Remarkably the effect is achieved without the use of special effects or Photoshop, rather Bolin is painstakingly painted head-to-toe by a group of assistants using photographs of the area behind him as a guide. “My intention was not to disappear in the environment but instead to let the environment take possession of me”, he says. Bolin’s intent is not to simply hide himself as an individual but suggests the works are statement regarding damage caused by economic and urban development.


Lust of old men 1

20 07 2015

LustOldMen150-500jpg7 LustOldMen150-500jpg8Inside men never grow up. Outside they grow down. Wise men can tell the difference. Those that can’t live in a world of frustration and lecherousness.

this may put a little… crimp in our lovemaking…

20 07 2015

this may put a little... crimp in our lovemaking.

Florin Ion Firimita

20 07 2015

Back in the 1977, when I lived in Romania, I bought a few notebooks and started a journal. Typewriters were rare, but even if you were able to find one, you had to register it at the local police station. For years, I hid my writings in a sack of salt, in my parents’ pantry. Several thousand pages later, “The Salt Diaries” has become an artistic laboratory, a source for my mixed media artwork, photography, and fiction, including my novel “Reliquary”. In 2003, it became the basis for Brian Kamerzel’s documentary film, “The Art of Leaving”

I am sometimes made aware how fortunate I am not to be on some list. That I live in a country where sacks of salt are not necessary. Florin’s work is beautiful. He seems to have recognized certain patterns repeated in different images. And of course there are the religious icons. Although I’m not sure of their meaning.