Patrick Gonzales

18 07 2015

Patrick Gonzales. Wistful is the word that comes to mind. And melancholia. And a deep sense of loneliness. Loneliness without fear. Like walking up the stairs at night. And expecting another step to be there.

Lonely desires of mothers and daughters 3

18 07 2015


My mother is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She did not have a lot of formal education but she seemed to be good at anything she tackled. Given the opportunities that my daughters have, I think my mother would have had a huge affect on the world.

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Louis Chabaud

18 07 2015

There is a WOW factor to this artist’s work. This guy resembles the artist Edward Kuris and he has the same physical mannerisms. Even his work reflects some of the same instincts. Doppelganger.

Lonely Desires of Mothers and Daughters 2

18 07 2015

For reasons which I do not understand, I seemed to have had many more female friends than girl friends. And then I had daughters. I always thought that women were generally smarter than men (with a few notable and familial exceptions).

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