Super A (Stefan Thelen)

13 07 2015

This guy is for the boids. But oh mama they are big boids.

the majestic pigeon. An unlikely source of inspiration for such dominating murals, but at the hands of Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen aka Super A (previously) these ubiquitous urban dwellers are turned into something surprisingly beautiful. His latest piece at top was just completed for Mural Goes in Goes, Netherlands.




why do we worship the flag…

13 07 2015

Why do we worship the flagby David Halliday


a rant

Christoffer Relander

13 07 2015

It is one of the oldest forms of collage/montage. Double images. My dad took a picture of himself and a friend at the end of world war 2. It was a reflection of them in a store window. And then all those unintended double images that people took with Kodak’s. Christoffer Relander has done an exquisite job of marrying 2 images. Making a new image that rise above the sentimentality of the originals. I found Christoffer on another blog. The blogger said it made her heart skip when she first saw the work.

Crowd Noises 3

13 07 2015

Crowd Noises was a chapbook that was originally published in the dawn of time. (I can’t remember.) At the time I was very impressed with T. S. Eliot. But then he lost his nerve and became a Catholic or Anglican. These illustrations are all cut and paste, pre Photoshop, although to tell you the truth, who cares?

snow150-500jpg trance150-500jpg stagefright150-500jpg