11 07 2015

Phlegm started keeping sketchbooks during his fine art degree 15 years ago to deal with the stuffiness of the course. After he graduated he felt that his art stagnated. Phlegm was inspired looking back at his sketchbooks; the relief of sketching to stomach his degree became his new work, which he enjoyed. He became a full-time comic illustrator, producing and selling comics from his home in Sheffield.

Phlegm’s name derives from classical medicine, where the body was thought to have four main fluids (or humours). If you had too much phlegm in the system it was thought to lead to apathy. Comics were a release for Phlegm and a way to enjoy art again. His name acknowledged that fact, plus it was unusual, fitting his comics.

I love street art. Especially when it is on the level of this work. Phelgm. An odd name. His work is odder.

This work was brought to my attention by another blogger. Well worth checking out.

so much to live for

11 07 2015

so much to live David Halliday

i love the grid…

Architecture and romance 2

11 07 2015

I set up a challenge for myself to cross math with emotion. That is coolness with warmth. Architecture and romance. Polar opposites. That’s where these pieces come from.

ArchRomance150-500jpg5 ArchRomance150-500jpg4 ArchRomance150-500jpg3 ArchRomance150-500jpg2 ArchRomance150-500jpg1