Chidi Okoye

9 07 2015

In Nigeria, He had his national solo exhibition “Textures of Life” and launching of his book “Lamentation” at national museum Lagos in 1993 sponsored by Mobil Producing Nigeria. Okoye is as famous for his poetry as for his painting and sculpture. In 1994 Okoye moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he immediately became involved in a number of projects promoting international artistic exchange and was a leading light in the local Black creative community. Okoye believes that his art offers him a chance of relating to his environment, complementing the beauty of nature with man-made forms and images, which spring from his ancestral culture. He combines the strength, uniqueness and dynamism of his heritage with a technically skilled understanding of the power of forms, feeling and materials to create works, which continue to thrill audiences.

This work is so beautiful. Love to see them ‘live’.

Calendar Girls 2

9 07 2015

Why is the male so visually stimulated by any image of a woman or suggestion of an image? There are graphic images of penises scratched on walls dating back before the Roman Empire. (Why they are phallic images is another question.) You can see these same crude images on bathroom walls in gas stations, and bank towers. The male brain always seems to be in a state of readiness. The rest of his body, not so much.

January March June July March1

Calendar Girls 1

9 07 2015

August December February1 JanuaryAprilI got bored at the pin up calendar girls in gas stations, pool halls, rectories during the 1960s that I created my own calendar. For the brain.

Jason de Caires Taylor

9 07 2015

We’ve all watched these bogus documentaries that purport to find the lost city of Atlantis. Cobblestone streets, walls, shops, all under water. But eroded or camouflaged enough so that you can quite be sure. Well this artist has decided to create his own world. Underwater. Like a lost history.

Anyone whose built an aquarium has done this.

a day in the park

9 07 2015

by David HallidayA day in the park