Marcel Dal Bo

6 07 2015

Street art, collage, and painting have become more inseperable. Dal Bo’s work has so much in it, energy, colour, and story telling. Marcel Dal Bo

"A Sciaccariata" Easter in FerlaSomething to eat (il "cuoco")DrinkLegna da ardereFIGHT


Valerie Depadova

6 07 2015

From her childhood, passed in Bou-Haroun, on the Algerian coast, Valerie DEPADOVA keeps peaceful images. Sensitive to the aesthetics, her father brought from Black Africa objects which fascinated her: a pictorial work with surprising ethnic connotations arose from them. Africa is an inexhaustible source: a reflection of an identity which arises, its ground shall nourish her inspiration. The stylization of the human forms and their disproportions, the protuberant or collected lines, the often asymmetrical but always dynamic postures of the characters, point out the African statuary. From this personal and rythmic approach of our anatomy, emanates a direction of vitality and force which illuminates each composition.

I love this work. Haven’t seen anything quite like it since I last saw an Ed Kuris. Which was about a month ago. They both use metaphor  and colour plus pock marks to give their work an ancient rustic look. And they both smoke.

Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer

6 07 2015

Polish graffiti artist, Przemek Blejzyk (aka Sainer), as Aryz, is distinguished by his frescoes gigantism. Walls of several levels, areas in kilometers, height as weight does not scare him. Next to this delusions of grandeur, is expressed an exceptional graphic sensitive. Author of oil and acrylic canvasses, Sainer paints the mankind, from a faithful naturalism to the extremest surrealism. Colors, postures, expressions, each character testifies about the human diversity being physical, mental or cultural. An emotive and sincere art that we invite you to discover now.

mother and child reunion

6 07 2015

Mother and child reunionby David Halliday