Aubrey Beardsley

18 06 2015

Beardsley was very big in the 60s and 70s. There were posters all over walls in every student residence. There was something feminine and druggy about his work. It seemed decadent and vulgar. It seemed to me that he had become the artist of the ‘pseudo-intellectuals’. Since then he has almost disappeared from the popular scene. (Or maybe I’m just that far out of it myself.)

Aubrey Beardsley was born on August 21, 1872 in Brighton, Sussex, England. With only minimal art training, Beardsley was commissioned to illustrate an edition of Malory’s Le Morte Darthur. His highly erotic illustrations for Oscar Wilde’s Salomé won him notoriety but lead to a loss of work after the Wilde scandal. Beardsley, who had contracted tuberculosis at age 6, died in 1898 at age 25.



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18 06 2015
Angel 4 Light

I agree with you about the vulgar part. He was definitely a good artist, but he was consumed with evil sad to say. People usually paint what lies within, or personal experiences, both or either of these are clearly shown in his work. He seem to follow the Deco style art of the time and dis a great job if only it was of better substance, his memory would stretch out to others rather than those of the dark.

I congratulate you for bringing light to the art but people with such a troubled soul are in need of prayer or mental help. He is clearly screaming for help.

Great posting and write up Aubrey. Be blessed

19 06 2015
David Halliday

I think he was young and arrogant and looking for attention as well. Still, a wonderful talent.

21 06 2015
Angel 4 Light

I agree with you David. He was too much into himself, and definitely had a very dark side to his nature. His friend list must have been a bunch of Satan worshippers and who know if he wasnt one himself.
An artist usually depicts their true nature in their works.

Thanks for sharing with us all. Be blessed

30 07 2017
David Halliday

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