Making Movies

12 06 2015

The magic of film is recreated, taken apart, examined and lovingly satirized in an unusual work of fiction. David Halliday imagines a BBC documentary about ‘the well known Canadian film maker Samuel Bremmer’. We see moments of the films themselves; we hear the words of the actors, the designers and the commentary of the director, Samuel Bremmer. The illusion of film, and how it is created against a backdrop of money problems, personality clashes, jealousies, ambitions, love and vanity. Originally published by Press Porcepic.

The idea for this book began when I was living in Belgium. I listened to BBC Radio and Television. There were a lot of documentaries on the British and American film industry. I found the documentaries intriguing. They were filled with the kind of self-importance and naval gazing that only the British can do without embarassment. So I wrote a book about a group of fictional Canadian movie makers. I had to make up a series of films as well. It was great fun.

If you wish to download this book … Making Movies.

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Marco Gemelli

12 06 2015

A kind of collage work that I find refreshing, although I have never tried this style. Marco Gemelli

Sotto effetto di MarilynVieni da meDonne ristretteNon smettere di guardarmi

ISIS attacks a small town in Stephen Harper’s riding

12 06 2015

ISIS attacks a small town in Stephen Harper’s ridingby David Halliday


We know they are murderers and thugs but exactly how do they threaten our country?

Strange object lands on Pitts Field

12 06 2015

The Edwardians. strange object lands on Pitts Field2by David Halliday


first UFO ever photographed…